​Discovering a rare white giraffe in the wild “Revealing the Mystery: Extraordinary Discovery of Tanzania’s Rare White Giraffe”

Omo stands out in the herd with his unusual skin color – Photo: BoredPanda

Dr. Derek Lee – scientist and founder of the Wildlife Institute, said he accidentally saw Omo walking with other normal giraffes in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania (Africa).

It was the only white giraffe they knew of so far.

Omo was determined to be about 15 months old, and its unusual skin color was due to leucism – a condition where partial loss of pigment results in the animal’s skin being white or pale.

BoredPanda on January 26 quoted Dr. Lee as saying that he and his colleagues are working to protect Omo and its species from poachers.

“We hope it has a long life and has children,” he said.

This giraffe is currently about 15 months old – Photo: BoredPanda
Its special skin color is explained by lack of pigmentation – Photo: BoredPanda
However, this difference can put it in the sights of poachers – Photo: BoredPanda
Now conservationists are looking for ways to protect it. They hope it will live long and have children – Photo: BoredPanda

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